USAREC Message 13-080 Requests For High School Senior Stabilization

1.  THIS IS AN IMMEDIATE MESSAGE; deliver to all recruiting personnel.

2.  This message is effective for two years from the date of message unless
rescinded or superseded.

3.  The purpose of this message is to provide updated guidance to all USAREC
personnel of the requirements for requesting assignment stabilization due to
having a family member enrolled as a current sophomore in high school.

4.  The intent of this program is to provide stability for Soldiers with family
members in their junior and senior year of high school.  The approving authority
for all requests for stabilization is Commander, HRC.

5.  Requests should be submitted no earlier than March of the student’s
sophomore year, and not later than the start of the student’s junior school year
(for example, Student’s projected graduation date is Jun 2015; submit request
between March – September 2013).  Requests submitted outside of this time frame
will be considered as an exception to policy and must be justified as to the
delay of submission.  Soldiers may be eligible to PCS before the start of the
student’s junior year of high school.  Requests for stabilization must include
the following:

    a.  DA Form 4187 that includes this statement:  “Student (child’s full name)
        is enrolled in DEERS”.  An additional statement for Recruiters assigned
        to OCONUS locations is required:  “I will extend my foreign service tour
        to meet the stabilization requirements.”

    b.  The student must be enrolled in DEERS and be under the direct
        care/custody of the Soldier submitting the request.

    c.  A letter from the high school with the student’s name, SSN, and
        projected graduation date.

    d.  A DD Form 1172 if the student’s last name is different from the
        Soldier’s last name.

    e.  Soldiers enrolled in the MACP must both apply, if both desire
        stabilization under these provisions.

6.  Requests for stabilization will not be favorably considered once a Soldier
is in receipt of assignment instructions (AI).

7.  Requests for stabilization must be submitted to G-1 in order to reach HRC
according to the following timelines:


    2015              March 2013     September 2013
    2016              March 2014     September 2014
    2017              March 2015     September 2015

8.  Requests received by G-1 outside the established application timelines by
Soldiers who are not on AI must be processed as an exception to policy.
Applications without proper justification will be returned without action.

9.  References:

    a.  Army Regulation 614-100, Officer Assignment Policies, Details, and
        Transfers, dated 10 January 2006.

    b.  Army Regulation 614-200, Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management,
        dated 11 October 2011.

    c.  USAREC Regulation 601-1, Assignment of Enlisted Personnel to the U.S.
        Army Recruiting Command, dated 6 September 2011.

    d.  USAREC CG Policy 35-12, Manning and Assignment Policy for 79R
        Noncommissioned Officers, dated 22 August 2012.

10.  Stabilization under these provisions may be changed or canceled due to the
changing needs of the Army.

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