USAREC Message 13-077 Projections For Enlistment Processing

1.  THIS IS AN IMMEDIATE MESSAGE; deliver to all recruiting personnel.

2.  This message is effective for two years from the date of message unless
rescinded or superseded.

3.  The purpose of this message is to inform the field that applicants will
“NOT” be processed for enlistment without a “GO” packet/record.

4.  Recruiters must project applicants not later than close of business (COB)
local time at least three processing days before the date the applicant will
report to the military entrance processing station (MEPS).  Note that Federal
and training holidays are not processing days.  For example:

    a.  An applicant who will process for enlistment on Thursday must be
        projected not later than COB Monday.  If Monday is a Federal or
        training holiday, the recruiter must project the applicant by COB
        the previous Friday.

    b.  An applicant who will process for enlistment on Tuesday must be
        projected not later than COB the Thursday prior.  If Federal and
        training holidays create a four-day weekend, the recruiter must
        project the applicant by COB the previous Tuesday.

5.  Commanders will enforce existing provisions of UR 601-96.

    a.  Applicant records must be complete at the time the recruiter projects
        the applicant.

    b.  No applicant will be transported to the MEPS or lodging pending a “GO”
        record or without favorable live scan results.

    c.  Recruiting station center(RSC) commanders must inspect and validate every
        applicant record before the recruiter projects the applicant.

    d.  All documents must be scanned into GCRc, the source documents must  match
        the applicant’s record and the record must be validated.

    e.  Recruiters will not pull an FSR2S reservation without the applicant
        physically present and having the applicant’s knowledge and approval.

    f.  Applicants projected for “Other” processing will not be authorized to
        enlist on the day of their scheduled processing.  Once projected as an
        “Other” processor, the projection will not be changed to allow the
        applicant to enlist.

NOTE:  These applicants may return to MEPS to enlist if they were previously
projected for DEP-in and have received a “GO” record.  Walk-in applicants for
enlistment can have their projections changed to allow the applicant to enlist.
Walk-in applicants for enlistment are defined as applicants whose records were
previously QC’d and received a “GO”.

6.  Senior guidance counselors (SGC) play a key role in enforcing this policy.
The purpose of this policy is to ensure every applicant receives “red-carpet
treatment.”  SGCs must:

    a.  Empty their ERM in-box by COB every processing day.

    b.  QC every enlistment record thoroughly and promptly.  For example: 
        If an applicant is reporting to MEPS on Thursday packets will be
        completely QC’d and posted in GCRc not later than close of business
        Tuesday and BN Operations will have projections cancelled and removed
        by Wednesday morning.

    c.  Keep commanders informed as to the status of applicants and their
        enlistment records.

7.  SGCs or BN operations will cancel any reservation that does not conform to
the provisions of this message.  Commanders and staff will not approve
exceptions to this policy.

8.  All exceptions to policy for the above guidance will be granted on a case by
case basis by the Brigade Commander (BDE CDR).

9.  References:

    a.  Army Regulation 601-210, Active and Reserve Component Enlistment Program,
        dated 8 Feb 2011 with Rapid Action Revision (RAR) dated 1 February 2013.

    b.  USAREC Regulation 601-96, Enlistment, Accessions, and Processing
        Procedures, dated 1 September 2012.

    c.  USAREC Message 12-182, Projections for Enlistment Processing-48 Hours
        Projection Test Pilot, dated 15 Jun 2012.

    d.  USAREC Message 12-238, Recruiting Station (RS) Live Scan (LS) Report in
        Report Management Zone (RMZ), dated 17 September 2012.

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