USAREC MESSAGE 13-038 Guidance for Courtesy Shipping

1.  This message is effective for two years from the date of this message unless
sooner rescinded or superseded.

2.  References:

    a.  Army Regulation 601-210, Active and Reserve Component Enlistment Program,
        dated 8 Feb 2011 with Rapid Action Revision (RAR) dated 4 August 2011.

    b.  USMEPCOM Regulation 680-3, United States Military Entrance Processing
        Command Integrated Resource System (USMIRS), dated 30 May 2006.

    c.  USMEPCOM Regulation 601-23, Enlistment Processing, dated 26 June 2012.

    d.  USMEPCOM Regulation 55-2, Recruit Travel, 06 April 2012.

    e.  USAREC Regulation 601-96, Enlistment, Accessions and Processing
        Procedures, dated 1 September 2012.

    f.  USAREC Message 12-226, 30-day Shipper Projections, dated 30 August 2012.

    g.  USAREC Message 12-137, Hometown Shipping Program (Updated), dated 26
        April 2012.

3.  The purpose of this message is to provide guidance and instructions to
Guidance Counselors (GC) on proper procedures for courtesy shipping of Future
Soldiers (FS).

4.  The effective date for implementation is 2 January 2013.

5.  When the necessity arises to ship an individual who enlisted from another
MEPS, it is imperative the FS receives the same red-carpet treatment from the
gaining MEPS.  The GC will ensure the FS meets all qualifications for the
enlistment options and programs selected, then confirm all documents are
properly completed.

6.  Recruiters Will:

    a.  Notify the Recruiting Station/Center Commander (RSC) immediately when
        FS informs them they want to ship from another location.

    b.  Make sure the FSs ERM record contains all required documents for
        shipping to Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Military Occupational
        Specialty (MOS) Training or to an assignment.

    c.  Continue to contact the FS to assure they remain qualified to ship
        to training.

7.  RSC Commander will:

    a.  Review the FS’s ERM and annotate contact history that FS will be a
        courtesy shipper.  Indicate the gaining MEPS when updating contact

    b.  Immediately notify the SGC through your chain of command that the FS
        will be a courtesy shipper.

    c.  Contact the gaining RSC commander and inform them the FS will be a
        courtesy shipper.

8.  Senior Guidance Counselors (SGC) will:

    a.  Notify the MEPS of their intent to courtesy ship an individual and
        provide a Request for Orders (RFO) for the initial travel order or an
        amendment for an existing travel order.

    b.  Send the courtesy shipper’s enlistment packet to the gaining MEPS.  The
        sponsoring GC maintains the enlistment packet on enlisted applicants
        according to respective Guidance Shop’s SOP.  Refer to UR 601-96,
        Appendix O, 0-4.

    c.  Assure the enlistment packet and travel orders arrive at the gaining
        MEPS NLT 5 processing days prior to the projected ship day to ensure
        the MEPS can obtain transportation for the projected ship day.

    d.  Project courtesy shipper in USMIRS at the gaining MEPS immediately upon
        arrival of the enlistment packet.

9.  The losing MEPS will:

    a.  Create orders based on the RFO and provide to the SGC in sufficient time
        for the enlistment packet to arrive to the gaining MEPS.

    b.  Amend the initial travel order based on the amendment RFO and send the
        amended order to the gaining MEPS if original travel orders require an

    c.  Rescind the original travel order and provide the gaining MEPS with a
        copy of the rescinded order, if the original travel order has been
        amended once and an additional amendment is required.

10.  The gaining MEPS will:

    a.  Upon receipt of the enlistment packet take permanent ownership of the
        recruit file in USMIRS.

    b.  Make travel arrangements and prepare meal checks based on travel times.

    c.  Charge travel arrangements to the gaining MEPS travel account.

    d.  Create a new travel order for the individual if amended orders are
        rescinded by the loosing MEPS.

    e.  Coordinate with the SGC for alternate ship day if the gaining MEPS is
        unable to obtain a reservation and ticket for the projected ship date.

11.  Enlistment packet arrival to gaining MEPS schedule:

If Ship Day is:  Packet Must Arrive to the Gaining MEPS:

Monday      NLT Monday prior to ship day
            If Monday is a Holiday then the Friday prior to the Monday Holiday

Tuesday     NLT Tuesday prior to ship day
            If Tuesday is a Holiday then the Monday prior to ship day

Wednesday   NLT Wednesday prior to ship day
            If Wednesday is a Holiday then the Tuesday prior to ship day

Thursday    NLT Thursday prior to ship day
            If Thursday is a Holiday then the Wednesday prior to ship day

Friday      NLT Friday prior to ship day
            If Friday is a Holiday then the Thursday prior to ship day

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