USAREC Message 13-024 Structured Self-Development (SSD) Enrollment, Completion, Tracking and Reporting

1.  THIS IS AN IMMEDIATE MESSAGE; Deliver to all Recruiting Personnel

2.  This message is effective immediately until rescinded or superseded.

3.  References:  ALARACT 216/2012, DTG:  R 101452Z Aug 12, Structured Self

4.  All USAREC Noncommissioned Officers will immediately enroll and complete
their respective level of pre-requisite Army Structured Self-Development (SSD)
for eligibility to attend NCOES as prescribed in paragraph 4a-4d below.

    a.  Effective 1 April 2013, Structured Self Development 1 (SSD-1) is a
        prerequisite to attend the Warrior Leader Course (WLC).

    b.  Effective 1 June 2013, Structured Self Development 3 (SSD-3) is a
        prerequisite to attend the Senior Leader Course (SLC).

    c.  Effective 1 June 2013, Structured Self Development 4 (SSD-4) is a
        prerequisite to attend the Sergeants Major Course (SMC).

    d.  Effective 1 January 2015, Structured Self Development 5 (SSD-5) is a
        prerequisite for nominative assignments.

5.  Enrollment:  Enrollment is automatic as of 1 May 2011 and once the
Noncommissioned Officer has completed WLC, ALC (BNCOC), SLC, and SMC.  To begin
the SSD level, follow the instructions listed in 5a-5e below.

    a.  Login to AKO – https://akologin.us.army.mil

    b.  Click on the “Self-Service” Tab and the “My Education”

    c.  Click on ALMS then click on Current Enrollments

    d.  Find the course titled Structured Self Development and click “Launch”

    e.  NOTE: If you discover that you were not automatically enrolled you can
        register by using one of the following:

        (1)  Army Career Tracker (ACT)

        (2)  Army Training Network (ATN) https://atn.army.mil/ 
             Click on “myTraining” and then locate the “Structured Self
             Development Section, click on your respective level to register.

        (3)  ALMS, “My Home” page, click on “Catalog Search.” Type in
             “Structured Self Development” and click “Search.” Find your
             respective SSD level and click on “Register.”

6.  Tracking:  Senior Master/Master Trainers were previously given authorization
to pull their respective unit’s SSD results to provide visibility and status to
the Commander and CSM.  To obtain this report, follow the steps in 6a – 6j below.

    a.  At the ALMS “My Home” page click on the down arrow at the top center of
        the page and select “Training Coordination.

    b.  Click on the “Reports” Tab.

    c.  Next to “Category” click the down arrow and select “Learners” and then
        click “Search”.

    d.  Under the “Reports” section find “ALMS Consolidated Training Requirements
        by Org” and then click on the “Actions” link to the right.

    e.  Click on “Execute”

    f.  Type “SER” in the “Domain” box and the click on the magnifying glass
        icon.  “Sergeants Major Academy” will appear.  Click.

    g.  Type in your UIC, click the magnifying glass icon, and then click once
        your UIC appears.

    h.  Click on “Generate Report”

    i.  NOTE:  All AGR Noncommissioned Officers assigned to the battalion will be
        located under the battalion UIC and not the company UIC.  Additionally,
        you will have to pull Company data by their respective company UICs.

    j.  Cross-check names with the alpha roster to ensure you have positive
        visibility of all assigned NCOs, to identify Soldiers no longer assigned,
        and those that have not enrolled.

7.  Reporting:  Beginning 5 December 2013.  Brigade Senior Master Trainers will
forward a consolidated SSD report to USAREC G3 Training POC NLT than the 5th day
of each month.  An automated conversion template will be distributed to the
Senior Master Trainers prior to 30 November 2012 to simply the collection of

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