FY 2014 USAREC Messages

Here are the FY 2014 Army Recruiting Messages: Periodically the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) issue detailed messages to the Recruiting force.

These messages provide immediate information, regarding changes to recruiting policy, doctrine, programs, and eligibility. Your Recruiters are notified when messages are released.

FY 13 Recruiting Messages for The US Army

FY 12 Recruiting Messages for The US Army

Below are the FY 14 Recruiting Messages for the US Army:

  • UM 14-022 Regular Army (RA HRC Business Rules
  • UM 14-021 Concurrent Admission Propgram (ConAP) Management Change
  • UM 14-020 Military Accesions Vital To National Interest
  • UM 14-019 U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIDC) Recruiting Piloto
  • UM 14-018 Army Reserve Prior Service (PS) Non-DMOSQ Acceptance Policy
  • UM 14-017 15Y-AH-64D Armanment Electrical Avionic Systems Repairer
  • UM 14-016 USAREC Form 1137; USAREC Future Soldier (FS) Pre-Execution Checklist
  • UM 14-015 Sexual Harassment/Assault/Response Program (SHARP)
  • UM 14-014 Open and Closed Processing Categories
  • UM 14-013 Instructions for Health Proffesions Scholarship Program Accession
  • UM 14-010 Operator’s/Driver’s License Exceptions To Policy
  • UM 14-008 Blue to Green (B2G) Enlistment Program
  • UM 14-007 Establishment of Enlisted Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 31K
  • UM 14-006 Source Documents Reguired to Verify Citizenship and Place of Birth
  • Um 14-005 Guidance for Processing Soldiers Released From Active Duty
  • UM 14-004 Procedures for Use of USCIS form G-845 for Military
  • UM 14-003 Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 12D, Engineer Diver
  • UM 14-002 DD Form 368 Conditional Release Information


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