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Army MOS 68C Practical Nursing Specialist


68C Practical Nursing Specialist

Job Description

The Practical Nursing Specialist supervises or performs preventive, therapeutic, and emergency nursing care procedures. Practical Nursing Specialist work under the supervision of a physician, nurse or Non commissioned Officer.

Soldiers in this MOS are credentialed as Licensed Practical Nurses.

68C Training Requirements

Job training for a Practical Nursing Specialist consists of 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 55 weeks of Advanced Individual Training.

MOS Training is conducted at Fort Sam Houston, TX.

68C requires a 72 month enlistment.

68C Qualifications

ASVAB Score: 101 ST and 107 GT

PULHES Profile:  111121

Vision: Normal Color Vision

Physical Demands Rating: Moderately heavy

Additional Notes: No aversion to blood. Have a high school diploma or GED equivalency.

No history of alcoholism, drug addiction, indiscriminate use of habit foreign or dangerous drugs. No history of felony conviction. No history of conviction of crimes involving an out of hospital patient or patient or resident of medical care facility. Financial exploitation of a person entrusted to a care of the applicant. Any weapons ammunition explosives arson charges.  Any drug activity, violence against persons or property, or sexual misconduct.

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  • Jonthan James Michael Sinclair

    Would this MOS open up for someone who is already in the army and wants to reenlist? Do you have to be a 68W in order to reclass? I am currently not a 68W, I am an 11B trying to reclass to 68C, is it possible? Anyone have any info? My window doesn’t open up until November 2014.

    • Chino

      Reclassed from 11c. Possible

    • Ryan


      Began my career as 11b, then 68w to 68c. The school os open to IET privates–if you meet the criteria mentioned above on this site, I see absolutely no reason why not.


      Ryan A. McCollum
      SGT, USAR
      Practical Nursing Specialist

  • Isaiah Dion Cobbs

    Is there currently any incentives for soldiers that reclass? And when does the next school start and how often?

    • Ryan

      Person to talk to is your retention NCO, they will have the most accurate, most recent info.


      Ryan A. McCollum
      SGT, USAR
      Practical Nursing Specialist

  • Ryan

    Yes, 90% of my class were new privates. The 2 year 68w requirement was changed at beginning fiscal 2014.


    Ryan A. McCollum
    Practical Nursing Specialist

  • Cimera Simone Reid

    So to be clear, you have to have your LPN before you can even sign up for this MOS? Also is the whole 55 week training in Fort SamHouston or will you finish out phase 2 wherever you are stationed?

    • dallasdawg2010

      No they”ll train you. You do have to score high on the ASVAB. And it’s 10 weeks at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio and the 55 weeks is called Phase 2 at FSH or another duty station. I did mine at William Beaumont Army Medical Center at Ft. Bliss, El Paso Texas where I was previously station at as a hospital medic and restationed for the 55 weeks and then reassigned after graduation from LPN school. LOVE IT!

      • Cimera Simone Reid

        Thanks for the response. I don’t have a specific recruiter yet, but when I asked about this specifically they didn’t know the answer (Not talking down, I realize there are quite a few jobs in the military and you can’t know the specifics about EVERY single one of them). So do you get to pick where you are stationed for phase 2 or will they just place you. Also is phase 2 just in Texas?

        • dallasdawg2010

          No, you don’t get to pick. You can strengthen your choice of MOS simply by taking a medical specialist or certified nursing assistant course. While I can tell you what to do if you really want to serve, I would suggest going to school as a fulltime student and getting your LPN or maybe your BSN and having the military pay off your school loans. There are phase 2 sites(at least there were) all over the country. I went to 68C(91C) school before you were even born in 1990. At least bring something to the table that will strengthen your negotiating with whatever MOS you may choose.

        • dallasdawg2010

          Also, you’re thinking the right thing by going medical if you decide to ultimately enlist. Should you not desire to make it a career, you will at least have a chosen occupation that translates well and most importantly immediately in the civilian world.

      • Sharelle

        What component are you with? Are you Active duty Army, Guard or Reserve and what state where you from. I am prior service Army Guard and I’m trying to reenlist and reclass. I was told that there are no slots for this job in the state of Georgia period and the I also talked to the Army reserve and they said prior service can’t just get the practical nurse slot. I’m confused and trying to get more information. This is my top choice but I’m getting the run around. Please help!

  • Fallen1007

    I’m an LVN/LPN in San diego CA and I’m looking into joining the army reserve. Do I have to still go through the training if I already have my license?

    • D W

      It used to be that if you already had your LPN/LVN license you only had to attend the basic medical portion at Ft Sam Houston, to get you up to speed on the military aspect. You did not have to attend the PN course itself, however.

  • Ben

    Does anyone know, or is there a way to find out where 68C Phase 2 location would be for a particular AIT Phase 1 start date (starting on or about June 21, 2015), along with subsequent locations if possible?

    • Colin-Rivera

      Hey, idk the answer to your question but i start my AIT on June 22! Where are you going for basic?

    • Sam

      My 68 c class starts in november of 2015, first phase is in Fort Sam Houston, Texas and my phase two appears to be in Fort Gordon, Georgia

  • Julian Jasper Magaña

    Any corpsman go blue to green and strike 68c?

  • Maria Rodriguex

    HI I am currently a 12N a heavy equipment engineer. I am currently in school to become a CMA and have some credits to become a RN going for associates. My ultimate goal is to commission become a PA or finish my BSN in nursing and commission that way. I am going to reenlist next year and thinking to become a 68w but I just read about the LPN positing which I didn’t know about and I am thinking to go that route.

  • Derrick Schneider

    Can I sign a contract for 68C when enlisting? Or do I have to go in as a 68W first? Also, how to I get into line school for medics?

  • Cappiello

    When can i start reenlisting as 68c? Currently a 68w.